That One Guitar - Lucas Miré

Name: Lucas Miré

City: Atlanta

Instrument: Olympia Tacoma 6-string acoustic guitar

This was the first guitar I bought after moving to Atlanta in 2000. I didn’t have much money, but I really liked the way this guitar sounded and it was in my price range. I’d just started playing guitar a few years before and this one had a built-in pickup I thought would come in handy for open mics, if I ever did one. Also, the action was perfect and it was so easy for me to play.

I used it to record the acoustic guitar tracks on my first and second records, and I wrote the bulk of my catalogue on this guitar, including a bunch of songs that I’ve never recorded. These days, I have a new guitar that I play and write with, but, even now, when I pick this one up, it feels like spending time with an old, trusted confidant.

Band: Lucas Miré

Sound Clip