That One Guitar - Liz Landau

Name: Liz Landau

City: Pasadena, California

Instrument: Casio CDP-100 keyboard, hooked up to Macbook laptop via MIDI adapter

When I moved to Atlanta in 2008 I bought this keyboard. It is weighted with hammer action, so it feels like a piano, but only comes with a few built-in sounds. At the time I thought I would just use it as a piano, nothing more, since I had taken lessons in classical music.

But then I learned how to connect it to my laptop to make recordings and map any number of sounds onto it. Suddenly I didn’t care about sheet music anymore - I wanted to write my own songs. The program MainStage really let me take it to the next level, since it lets me designate which notes on the keyboard correspond to which sounds, and use multiple sound layers at once. Over the course of six years, this keyboard came with me to improv shows, gigs with two different bands, Christmas parties, two Happenstances, an open mic and even workplace singalongs…playing music has been part of many fond memories.

Now that I’ve moved away, I miss everyone I played music with back in Atlanta, and hope my keyboard leads me to meet new friends here in Los Angeles. 

Band: The Sweetdick Jane (Atlanta)