7 DAYS OF FAVORITE TUNES - DAY 2 - When Poets Dreamed of Angles by David Sylvian

7 days of favorite tunes, as nominated by Kim Ware, the Queen poet from The Good Graces and hip shaker from The Sunset District!

Day 2. "When Poets Dreamed of Angels" by David Sylvain.

I can’t remember who got the other person into the band Japan first, but I know that Brian Stroud and I have always been huge fans. There was a record store in north Tampa (Vinyl Fever?) up by USF that had a live concert video of thier's that you could rent as long as you could leave a $99 deposit. 

The singer, David Sylvian had an other worldy baritone voice that recalled both Daivd Bowie and Peter Murphy in it’s richness and timber.

After Japan broke up he put out a few solo albums, one of which was called Secrets of the Beehive. The album sounds very rich and organic. It has a lot of acoustic instruments, strings, horns, percussion and other wonderful textures that dart around in the headphones. 

The song, “When Poets Dreamed of Angles” has always stayed with me. From it’s opening acoustic guitar harmonics, percussive breakdown halfway though and David’s rich voice, I could listen for hours.

So that's day 2. Stay tuned for 5 more. I have to nominate another person each day to do the same, so today I nominate Brian Stroud to tell us about 7 of his favorite tunes.