Atlanta, GA - Last show of the tour

Sure, we've been home for a few days, but we're celebrating tonight at the Red Light Café by playing a show with some of our favorite folks. Hope you can make it out!


We're coming home to Atlanta for a show at Red Light Cafe to conclude our two week tour of the midwest & southeast! We'll be playing the same set of songs we played on the road and with the same group of players:

Kim Ware - vocals, guitar
John McNicholas - guitar, bass
Jim Combs - keyboards
Tracy Clark - bass, percussion, guitar, backing vocals

Love Me Till My Heart Stops
Garner Sloan (Austin, TX Americana)

Doors at 6 PM, show starts at 7. Tix are just $5 in advance (up soon at, $7 at the door.

**We said "last full band show for a while!" just a couple months ago, but then the tour with The Indigo Girls happened so that sort of changed things. But, for real, last full band show for a while. So come on out! Early Sunday show, we'll have you in bed in plenty of time.**