Cleveland, OH

Wow, just wow, Cleveland. You're something else. We drove in from Ann Arbor and pretty much headed straight to the in-store performance at Blue Arrow Records. First off, this place is awesome. A great selection of vinyl and cats everywhere. Everywhere. So great. We played 5 tunes, picked up some shirts and vinyl and headed out to the show we had at Bevy in Birdtown. It's a cozy bar with a huge back room with a huge stage. We loaded in and then walked around for a few minutes. Met some of the local flavor while walking around and eventually stumbled into Mahall's 20, a really cool vintage bowling alley that hosts indie shows. We even bumped into Chastity Belt in the lobby! Just saw them open for Courtney Barnett a few weeks ago. The show was fun, the food at the venue was great and our opening act for the night, Tanya Koz was high energy.