The Good Graces North Carolina Mini Tour

It's always a good weekend we you can jump in the car and play some music for some new friends in some new towns and this weekend was no exception. On Friday The Good Graces headed up to Brevard and Shelby, North Carolina to play a few multi-set shows at the Oskar Brewery and the Dragonfly Wine Market in Brevard and Shelby respectively and bring the music to the masses.

Friday night, The Oskar Brewery was alive with a boisterous vibe with the beer flowing freely, hearty laughs with buckets of peanuts on every table. Ken Voltz from the Brevard Area Music Scene came out and shot a video and took a few pictures. He and his wife were very nice.

After the show we immediately headed to Shelby, NC and stayed with Kim's parents. They are so incredibly nice! The next day we kicked around a bit. I helped Kim shoot some footage for a Theme Music song she was working on out in a big field. Check out the video below.

Next up we headed into downtown Shelby where we stopped by the Shelby Music Center for strings where we got a big story about the guy that runs the factory, before arriving at the Dragonfly Wine Marker to get set up and partake in their beer tasting event. 

After setting up we walked around downtown a bit, took some pics and then returned to play a few sets. Super fun and the folks that own that place could not have been nicer.