Parquet Courts, Predator, and Uniform at the EARL

Robyn and I headed out to the EARL on Friday night to catch Parquet Courts and grab some food. I've been digging this band for a good time now and their last few releases have just been fantastic. I have a feeling that the next time they come through town they're going to be playing a much bigger venue.

Parquet Courts on

The lighting at the EARL has been pretty challenging since they've replaced most of the bulb lighting with some LED lights, and while I understand the practicality of them, they seems to keep the stage pretty dim most of the time, and the color of choice most nights seems to be red. I knew the room was going to be sold out tonight so we got there pretty early and just stayed up front for most of the night which really paid off since the lights were so dim and it was so crowded. 

Camera: Nikon D810 / Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8D