That One Guitar - Robert Mabery

Name: Robert Mabery

City: Acworth, GA

Instrument: 1982 Daion Power XX Bass

Bass guitar and funk music crept into my soul at a young age. Growing up in Augusta, GA, the influence of James Brown was unavoidable and the bass lines from Bootsy Collins were irresistible. After suffering through a few low budget instruments I stumbled across my musical soulmate. I walked into a local music store and there she was, hanging on the wall next to the popular brands of the day. I had to have her. I didn’t know anything about the brand but I knew she was beautiful. And she played better than she looked. Love at first sight.

Daion was a Japanese company from the 80’s that crafted handmade top of the line electric and acoustic guitars. There is a cult like following among the owners of these fine instruments. The Power Mark XX is there premier bass. It has a laminated body of Ash and Maple. The neck is a 9 piece maple and rosewood through body design. Fingerboard is ebony and nut and saddles are brass.

It’s been many moons since we met but she has remained my number one. I occasionally try some others when I’m out and about but I always come back to the Daion. She has been with me through many bands, many shows and many recordings. She never lets me down.

Band name: Soul Foot