That One Guitar - Cory McBurnett

Your Name: Cory McBurnett

City: Atlanta

Instrument: Schecter TSH-1 Diamond Series

Early 2013 i was looking into buying a new back up guitar. Looking for something like a telecaster to play with more of the laid back songs the band does. A friend of mine told me he was trying to sell his Schecter. I never heard of them but he told me to string it up and try it out. I played it at a gig that night and fell in love with it.

It’s semi-hollow, so it’s light like a strat but plays like a Les Paul. It has a P90 in the neck pick up which really gave me that warm clean tone i was looking for and great for bluesy solos. It also has a Duncan humbucker that’s great for the rock tracks. This made it quite versatile for the cover band. It’s changed the way i play. I never used the neck pickups and now that’s all i play on. Oh and how i knew i needed to buy it, the night i gigged with it, some female came up and started “stroking” the neck while i was playing.

That sealed the deal.

Bands: High Fidelity, El Scorcho


Sound clip: