That One Guitar - Bo Blount

Name: Bo Blount

City: Los Angeles, CA

Instrument: 1983 Fender Standard Stratocaster “Smith Era”

The 1983 USA Fender Standard Stratocaster (body and neck). This was literally my first electric guitar, and without it there probably wouldn’t have been any others. I learned to play and perform on this instrument, which makes it (for me anyway) the ultimate “one” guitar.

The ’83 Standard was designed by Dan Smith (with the rather uncharacteristic 1 volume, 1 tone, and straight input jack on the pick guard). From a collector’s standpoint, it is MUCH less desirable than a true “Dan Smith” Stratocaster, which ceased production the year prior (1982) to this one’s manufacture.

Sometimes known as a “Smith Era” Stratocaster, the impractical design was abandoned after only two years, but that didn’t make me love it any less. I learned to play back in the 80’s, so this guitar has seen all manner of modifications: a DiMarzio humbucker in the bridge position, a locking Kahler tremolo, and even one of the prototype Bill Edwards “finger-tite locking nut” systems on the neck (which was installed by Bill himself in his shop on 56th street in Temple Terrace).

I’ve always kept the guitar with me, and after 15 years in Los Angeles I recently salvaged what was left of it from my storage locker. I’ve owned several Stratocasters over the years, but none have meant more to me than this, [ahem]…”one.”

Bands: We Voice Sing / Soul City Sue

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