That One Guitar - Paul Melançon

Name: Paul Melançon

City: Atlanta, GA

Instrument: Fender Telecaster ‘85 Re-issue Pink Paisley

I found this in a music store in Gainesville, GA for $250. Someone had apparently special-ordered it, then balked once it arrived, and I suppose there wasn’t a big market for pink guitars in north Georgia.

I like a tacky guitar. When I found this one I already owned its sister version, a blue flower-print Strat, but it never really fit whatever the hell my style of playing is.  I think I became an actual guitar player over the time that I’ve owned this guitar, and the sound it makes is at least partly why. I’ve tried to make myself the sort of person who plays this sort of guitar.

I do not know what that means.

Band: Paul Melançon

Video: The Weekly Cover Thing with Paul Melancon #63