That One Guitar - Andrés Galdames

Name: Andrés Galdames

City: Atlanta, GA

Instrument: Mid 70’s Fender Bassman 100 (Silverface)

Bought it off a band mate in 1994 as I didn’t have an amp.  A roommate of his gave it to him in lieu of rent, and he sold it along with a Peavey cab to me for $150.  One of the best monetary investments of my life.  I can’t play bass without this thing. If I use any other head, it’s just not the same experience.  Like I am playing some sort of foreign instrument that resembles a bass. 

I’m also a drummer. I love the opportunity to play another persons kit.  There is something inspiring about the way other people set up there drums, especially when it’s really different than how I set mine up. It makes me explore different ways to play and changes how I play. I get the same type of inspiration from playing different bass’ through my amp.  I have played a Jazz forever, but when I get my hands around a P bass neck, I switch things up.  Explore a little, as long as I have my Bassman 100 to play it though.  I would hate to hear what I sound like if I were forced to play someone else’s bass through someone elses’ amp.  Incidentally, I use this head as my main guitar rig if and when I ever need to.  Sounds great as a guitar amp as well.

Haven’t had much luck putting a date on the thing.  The chassis has a serial number that corresponds with a 1964 Bassman blackface, but from what I heard that just means the chassis was stamped out that particular year. Bassman 100’s were produced from 72-76.  Who knows, maybe the chassis just sat around the factory that long.

Bands: The Mendoza Line, Atticus Flinch, The Young Antiques, The Starling Family, Band. James Band.