That One Guitar - Zachary Hollback

Zachary Hollback

Alpharetta, GA

1950’s Martin alto saxophone

Band: AkuYou

I’ve been playing tenor saxophone since 1983, but the alto really piqued my interest when I first heard John Zorn’s Naked City in ‘92. I bought this sax on a whim at a used music store in Columbus, OH in 1997 with a tax refund check. I didn’t have the funds to pick out the “perfect” horn at the time, but it was in good condition (still is) and has definitely become a part of me. I have no real idea about the history of this particular sax, other than the part that I’ve put into it. It’s traveled with me from Columbus to Chicago and back to Atlanta, and I’ve played it in every band I’ve been in since I’ve owned it. I also play drums, guitar and some electronic production stuff, but this saxophone is the instrument I feel I have the most connection with musically and expressively. It’s the only instrument I can improvise on.

Sound Clip: The Fox