That One Guitar - Kim Ware

Name: Kim Ware

City: Atlanta, GA

Instrument: Ludwig / WFL snare drum

I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a love at first sight feeling quite like the one I experienced the first time I saw my Ludwig drum set. It was at Music Loft in Wilmington, NC, in the mid-nineties. I was not necessarily looking for a new kit, but couldn’t resist what seemed to be a good price on a gorgeous, sparkle-green, vintage set. I am not a gear head by any stretch of the imagination. But here’s what I do know about this particular drum. It’s older than the rest of the kit, because it has the WFL badge. I was told that meant it’s mid 60s, but I suspect it may be even older, according to this page I was also told the kit used to belong to Melissa Etheridge (no idea if that’s true). It is not the original finish, but I don’t mind, as it’s gorgeous. It’s also hands down the best-sounding snare I’ve ever played live. I play it with an Evans zero-ring because I like more snare, less ring, and a product called an Active Snare on the bottom, which I’ve used for years, something my old drummer friend Michael Wilson turned me on to (they sound fantastic, highly recommended). The result is crisp but deep, much like a marching snare drum. I don’t play drums much anymore, but I like to think my guitar playing is percussive, no doubt influenced by my years of drumming. This is my favorite drum, ever.


Band: the Good Graces