That One Guitar - Jenna Shea Mobley

Name: Jenna Shea Mobley

City: Atlanta, Georgia 

Instrument: I don’t know much about it. Fiddle that we bought new sometime in the mid 90s… been playing it ever since. Even though, I shouldn’t be playing a student fiddle professionally haha I just LOVE it though.

The fiddle is traveled with me all across the country (New York, California, Oregon, Colorado, etc.) and all across the world (France, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, St. Croix).

I grew up on about 80 acres in an intentional community called Common Ground Community where I was always surrounded by old time music. Many of the members of the community played in a band called “Red Mountain White Trash” that toured around the contra dances across the country.

My daddy bought me the fiddle when I was first starting to play. He found with the help of one of my role models, Roger James, who played violin with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. 


I learned to play sitting around these jams around the campfire and going to contra dances. Now, I’m still playing that same fiddle with bands all over the southeast. 

Band name: City MouseSailing to Denver