That One Guitar... Jason Waller

Hey all, I've been working on a new photography project called, That One Guitar. It features some of my favorite photographers and one of their favorite pieces of gear. We do a quick a and dirty photoshoot and I chop it up and share it with the would. Easy! It's really been cool hanging with all these folks, even for just a few minutes and it's been great fun to shoot all these amazing instruments. OK, time to catch everyone up! I'm going to start posting them here on a regular basis and you can follow along in real time over at

If you'd like to participate I'd love to have you. Get in touch at:


Jason Waller

Jason Waller

Decatur, GA

Band: Waller

3/4 size classical guitar made by Montana Guitars

When my daughter was born (12 years ago) I would play my guitar for her and she would fall asleep. I would keep on playing until she woke up again and we would start the process over. The songs I wrote during this time were some of my first. Later on I bought her this child sized classical guitar which she dabbled with but she took a liking to the clarinet and is playing that in her school’s band. Of course her guitar is around the house and I pick it up and pluck out tunes when the mood strikes. I am now the proud father of a baby boy and the tradition of playing music for the baby continues. My son loves the guitar and the songs I sing to him. If he doesn’t like it he will let me know and I will change the tune till it pleases him.

Songwriting is a very personal exercise and my family means a lot to me so they work there way into my songs. My 8 year old step-son has taken a liking to bluegrass music and just bought a Jimmy Martin CD while he was in Nashville with his Grand Parents. The Montana guitar is special because it belongs to my daughter and has been a part of many songwriting sessions with her and my sons! Maybe one day my daughter will take the guitar and write a song but until then ill keep putting it to good use and keep it in tune.

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