I Shot the 9 - Well, I shot 8, I was the 9th.

Juliana Finch & Me

Last Thursday night I performed at Smith's Olde Bar with 8 other amazing singer-songwriters, largely based here in the Atlanta area as part of the We are the 9 Songwriters Showcase. This is a relatively new monthly showcase here in town, pioneered by Justin Trawick and hosted by Juliana Finch, in which you take 9 songwriters, let them collaborate with a buch of people they just met and then throw them on stage to play around 30 tunes in front of a fun groups of friends and fans.

The nervous energy just bubbles because of the nature of the event, and the folks in the audience seem to get just a tweaked and excited to be a part of it as the musicians. There's tons of telegraphed body movements signaling the next chorus and eyes peering over guitar necks to determine chord changes, which only only adds to the fun and nervous energy. Plenty of smiles, backslapping and hi-fives we're on display.

For this shoot I used my Nikon D90 and my 70mm-200mm f/2.8 lens. The room is constantly pretty dark so I cranked the ISO up higher than I'd like, but I don't mind the shots being a little gritty at times.

Really looking forward to shooting the next one in June. Check the Smith's website for the dates!