My New Podcast! Ep. 1 with Granville Automatic

For the last few years I've really enjoyed listening to the ever-growing list of podcasts that are available, and before I moved closer to where I work and started biking in, I would easily spend 45 minutes to an hour in the car each day, digesting as many podcasts as I could handle and I fell in love with the medium. It's a great way to check out some new tunes, hear some great comedy and conversations, or educate yourself on an endless supply of subjects. (A list of my favorites are at the bottom of this post)

It got me thinking.

So, in the last few months I've been looking for ways to combine the things that I love to do in a way that I could share them with other people and help bring some exposure to other artists and creators. The people that know me would probably agree that I can be a bit chatty, mostly ADD and forgetful, but that I love to talk with other folks that share an interest in creating, in growing their knowledge, and in just making each other laugh. 

"We should be recording this!"

"I am, and I'm taking some pictures too!"

So, I'm taking the plunge. I've started with some great friends and local folks here in the Atlanta scene that have something to say, something to share, and something to offer in the way of their art, their knowledge and in their humor and warmth.

The first podcast, below, features the local band, Granville Automatic. I play in a few bands with Elizabeth Elkins, and Vanessa Olivarez is incredibly funny and she has this amazing voice that just stops me dead in my tracks every time I hear her sing. They write great songs, play over 200 shows a year, put thousands of miles on their car, and generally work their butts off.

In future podcasts you'll be hearing from Dan Dixon, Kenny Howes, Kim Ware and so many others, so subscribe where you can and check back each week for something new to listen to, some pictures to look at and hopefully you'll have a laugh and learn something too. I know I already have, and that's why this is already a success even if nobody listens.


The Sunset District Podcast