Savannah in Feburary.

Over the last few years, Robyn and I have made semi-regular trips down to Savannah for a few days packed full of ghost tours, to-go-cup drinking, dining, shopping and exploring. This last trip was a little different in that we stayed a little further out of the historic district, and further south near Forsyth Park in a really cute B&B called the Dresser Palmer House, which as it turns out is haunted. Isn't every place in Savannah? But this time I actually had a little encounter and wrote a song about it that I posted in a previous entry.

Madeline's Pennies on YouTube

Unfortunately, for the explorers in us, the weather was wet, wet, wet until the last morning we were there so we hung close to our B&B and did a ton of nothing. So much nothing in fact that I quickly realized that I need to do more of it on a regular basis. I don't know how to relax. So much to do! So little time! Well, this time the weather was unrelenting so we gave in and took something like 8 naps a day. We still explored the city, had some great meals and did some sightseeing, but what a nice change of pace it was to do nothing on vacation.

Where do you find the time to relax when life is so busy?