Spiller at the Shuffle

I had a such a great time down in Florida last weekend rocking out with Spiller at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Courts. Robyn and I rolled into town late Thursday and I rushed off to practice with Marcus and Vinnie on Thursday night to run through the set. Damn if it didn't sound pretty good!

If you've never been to a rock show at the Shuffleboard courts in St. Pete for a first friday you really should check it out. There's a ton of people playing shuffleboard, coolers loaded with drinks, some great music, and this time of year the weather is just amazing. There's just no place like Florida in the Wintertime.

We had a good time, my voice was a little shaky, but we made it through without breaking too many things. I may have unplugged the P.A. running into the stands. I may have played my guitar with one of the shuffleboard lights. I may have cursed in front of my Mom.