Tools of the Trade

At Good Graces practice tonight I started thinking about how much I dig the way Kim approaches the Good Graces' live shows, the way she mixes it up at every show. Jim and I are rocking alongside her most of the time, but ultimately she likes to keep things fresh for herself and the folks that come out to cheer us on. So, in that spirit, Michelle will be joining us in Athens at Flicker Bar on Saturday. She'll be banging on drums, ukulele, and coffee cups. Seriously, she plays a mean coffee cup.

Ultimately that got me thinking about gear, as I do, and why I pick certain guitars to play at different times. I like to mix things up. I like to keep myself guessing. I have a few guitars, and I play in a few bands. It keeps me engaged. It keeps me creative.

For a long time my main Atlanta guitar was the blue Fender Jazzmaster, ice blue metallic thankyouverymuch. Why? Because I hated that thing, and I felt that I had to beat it. I lost. It won. Fine.

So the old red Jazzmaster is getting thrown back in at the #1 position. That thing, with all it's dents and scratches, quirks and creaks, is just amazing. Best sounding? Nah. Easiest to play? Nope. It's just like a old sweater or broken in pair shoes, so comfortable and so familiar.

Dents and scratches will be added this weekend. Come see.

January 19th, 2013 - Flicker Bar - Athens, GA - 9:30pm

January 20th, 2013 - Capsule - Atlanta, GA - 7:00pm