Happy New Year! (2013 Edition)

Hi friends, I'm pressing reset here on the blog. It's been updated, some old content is gone but there's quite a bit of new stuff here for your perusal if you're so inclined. I'm going to try to make weekly updates at the very least, so check back or subscribe as you do. I need to get back into the habit of writing, so join me as I twack the keys for the first time in a while. I'll probably cross-post to Facebook also, but I'd like to start living in my own space a little more, all grown up like.

Last year was a blur. A few trips to Savannah, SXSW, Athens, Helen, the Hopscotch Music Festival, YepRoc 15, Asheville, AntiWarpt Music Festival, Tropical Heatwave, Mississippi, New York, Wisconsin, and HNG and I finally moved in together here in Atlanta. I'm so close to work now that I ride my bike nearly every day. So happy.

In addition to the travel, there were non-stop musical projects. Spiller got back together for a handfull of shows and continue to write and play. Dank reunited for the big annual Christmas show in St. Petersburg. The Good Graces finished up a great new record, and my new project, The Sunset District are in the middle of our first record. Supervisor of the Loveless Average rocked a show or two, I got to play Happenstance again this year, and I played a friend's wedding with my friend, Jules

I even got a few photos into magazines this year. One of them, a two page spread, glossy, in all it's glory. (pg. 22/23) Pretty neat for a guy who's still trying to figure out what all the buttons on his camera do.

It's all too much to wrap my head around.

Pile all of that on top of the number of award-winning mobile apps and connected device apps that my team were responsible for for the NBA and you've got a jam packed calendar with very little room for even a nap.

But, with that great year behind me, and now, finally with some time to spend with family and loved ones during the holidays, it was bittersweet that I had to say goodbye suddenly to Molly, my 12-year-old scottish terrier just before Christmas. She was simply the best dog I've ever had. Such a sweet girl. I'm going to miss her so much. 

So, I'm hoping the train will keep rolling in 2013. I've got some new ideas, projects and songs up my sleeves. Here's hoping there's time to get them all done.

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year,