A New Record

Hey friends! In the last week or so I've finalized a batch of tunes I'm going to record for a new project, that on the surface I want to be a new band, not necerially a solo project. Like Kim does in The Good Graces, I'd like to be able to have some folks come and go as they're available, and I'd like to get a ton of my talented friends to contribute to the music I'm making. It's always better, and more fun that way. 

To get things started I'm going to put out an EP with a few new songs and some covers. Once that's done I'll continute working on the record. I've got 10 songs picked out, and I'm ready to go!

This year I'd also plan to get back out on the road for some shows. I miss the new venues and new people that fill them up. Time to get things moving again.